Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Our trip to the Observatory

The Juniors went to the Observatory. We went on a bus. Louie sat beside me on the bus. I saw the Sky Tower. When we got off the bus we saw the Observatory. When we went in the Observatory we watched The Little Star that Could. We went to see the rockets. They looked old.

Room 6, Room 3 and Room 4 went to the Observatory on the bus. We went over the harbour bridge. I was sitting next to Mikey. We played I Spy With My Little Eye. I saw beautiful roses. When we went in the Observatory there was a moon on the floor. Then we went in a room and watched The Little Star that Could. The blue and white star was the hottest. The red star was the coolest. We looked at some planets. Then we went in the Space room. We looked at some videos.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Our Assembly with Room 19

Last Friday we hosted an assembly with Room 19. We are writing about it in class and will be putting our stories on the blog soon. Here are some photos of us just before we started.