Monday, June 24, 2013

Sally from Watercare

As part of our Water unit we were lucky to have Sally come from Watercare to talk to us about how to look after water and to make sure that we don't pollute it. Here are some recounts about what happened when she visited.

On Wednesday Sally from Watercare came to Sunnybrae Normal School. We did an experiment with Sally and we went outside to see if the water would go up and down. We made tunnels for the water to go and we went so that it went under our legs. I was in Crocodiles and we made a track out of the rocks for the water. One group won the game of rocks and water.

On Wednesday Sally from Watercare came to Sunnybrae. We learnt about water. We went outside to make a river.

On Wednesday Sally from Watercare came to Room 6. She mixed water with things she had in her box of stuff. Then we went outside and made rivers with sheets and rocks and watering cans of water. Then we had a race with the water. The sharks won, they got on the board.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Come and read our Storm poems!

Cloudy, windy
Dripping, cracking, flooding
In a storm it hails.


Thunder, Lightening
Raining, Hailing, Flooding
I feel scared in the rain.


Tornado, cloudy
Hailing, howling, slipping
Lightening can go hard.


Rain, flood
Dripping, howling, raining
When the sun and the rain join
together it makes a
rainbow in the sky.