Monday, October 28, 2013

The Art Exhibition

Yesterday Room 6 went to the hall to see the Art Exhibition. When we went in we saw Room 9’s clowns. I saw my brother’s clown. Then we saw some boxes of cities. I saw the Sky Tower and I saw a man. He had a rope tied behind him. Then I saw a speedboat. The sea was dark blue. We saw some faces. Some were boy clowns and some were girl clowns. Then we saw some buzzy bees and some fishes in a bowl of water. They were all different colours of fishes. We saw some hats with flowers at the top. Then we saw our puppets. I saw my pink one. It had my name on it.


Yesterday Room 6 went to the hall to see the Art Gallery. There we saw some nice drawings. We saw buzzy bees and cities. They were very colourful. They had the Sky Tower in some of the pictures. We had to put our hands behind our back and we had to be quiet because it is in the hall. Next we saw the puppets, they had strings on top. Then we saw our feeling faces. We had to draw our faces on a piece of paper. Then we had to vivid the faces on a magazine and they were old. After that we saw the goldfish in a bowl. They had orange and white stripes.