Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Huff and Puff

This afternoon we had the junior Huff and Puff races. All the classes from the junior syndicate sat on the astroturf as they watched each class of boys and then girls race against each other. Room 15 which is a Year 2 class went first. They had to race twice around the top field. Then it was Room 14's turn. We sat for a long time and waited for Room 6's turn to arrive. We were the last class to race. First it was the boys and then it was the girls. Jack was very speedy and raced around the track to come first. He was lucky to have his baby and Mum watching him as he crossed the line. In the girls race May came first. Her little brother William won his Room 5 race as well!! After we had finished our races it was the turn of our spectators to have a go. We really love it that all of Delta's family ran!

We Love The Polkadots!

Last Friday we had ROC ( Respect Our Community) day. We were put into groups and we did art activities and team games. We also watched the Polkadots. They sang and danced as they gave the message of being safe when crossing the street. We had learnt the songs in class beforehand so we were able to sing along with them and do some actions as well.