Monday, May 30, 2011

Book Week

We loved Book Week! We were looking at the book by Dorothy Butler "My Brown Bear Barney Goes to School" and so we brought our favourite teddy bears to school. We did special bear activities, read alot of bear books and also brought our favourite story books to school.
On Wednesday we really enjoyed going to the hall and seeing how Stu Duvall makes cartoon faces out of numbers and letters of the alphabet. He also told us an exciting story about possums and while he was telling it he drew a colourful picture using pastels.
On Friday we dressed up as our favourite characters and had a parade in the hall.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

We Love to Play Soccer!

On Monday afternoon we were lucky to have a chance to play soccer with the people from Kelly Sports.

In the Garden performance.

At our Junior syndicate assembly on Friday Room 6 performed 'In the Garden' for the other classes. We made up our own actions to go with the song.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

In the Garden

This is our last week talking about minibeasts. As we now know so much about so many different types of minibeasts we will be able to explain why we need to have them in our gardens.  We are going to make a plan of what flowers we want at Sunnybrae so we can attract the right minibeasts.
Click on the link below to sing the song that we will be singing in class.
In the garden

Monday, May 9, 2011

A Visit from the Butterfly Lady

We really enjoyed the visit from Jacqui the butterfly lady. Here are some of the stories we wrote about it.

Today we went to the hall. We saw a butterfly. Mrs. Keeley dressed up like a butterfly.
 - Ahlianah

I saw a butterfly. I saw the butterfly lady.
 - Daniel Y 
Today we went to the hall. We saw the butterfly lady and I learned that the girl butterfly wings point down. Mrs Keeley dressed like a butterfly. The butterfly goes to Mexico to find a tree. A warm tree.
- Rayner  


Our Worm Week

Last week we talked about worms and the importance of our worm bin at Sunnybrae. We now know what we should put in it and what we shouldn't. We all drew a picture about this and some of us were able to draw another picture on Kidpix. We also did a worm dance where we first thought about what parts of our body were flexible and discussed some words which describe how worms move through the dirt.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Come On Guys We're Firewise!

We had a visit in the last week of Term 1 from 4 firemen who told us all about being "firewise." As we were already discussing this in class it was great to hear about being safe and what to do if there is a fire at our house. We were excited to see the fire engine especially as it had had to race away in the middle of their presentation to attend to a real fire! We were so glad that the firemen came back and showed us all the gadgets on the side of the truck.

We are Caterpillar and Butterfly Crazy!

 Our last week of Term 1 was so exciting. One by one each chrysalis would change into a beautiful monarch butterfly. And it happened four times!! When we arrived at school in the morning we knew that something was going to happen soon because the colour of the chrysalis would change and go black. The next thing we knew someone would notice the empty chrysalis and a butterfly perched very still on a branch. It was so exciting that it was hard to concentrate on our work.

We hope you also like our colourful hungry caterpillar pictures. They are now all finished and hanging in our classroom.