Friday, March 7, 2014

Super Swimmers!

Swimming lessons are over for the season so we sadly say goodbye to our amazing swimming teachers. They were in the pool with us when the weather was hot, warm, a little chilly and freezing! They have taught us all so much and we know you will be impressed with how far we've come. Our last swimming event is the Junior Swimming Carnival next Wednesday 12th March at 1.30pm. Come and watch us in the school pool and prepare to be impressed!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

We Love Harold!

Room 6 went to the Life Education caravan. We saw Tam, her body parts lit up. Harold is cool and I like his singing.


We went to the Life Education van. Harold is in it. Harold the giraffe is cool.


We went to the Life Education van. I liked it when Harold came. We saw Tam and I saw Harold the giraffe. I am a VIP because I am a special person.


Room 6 went to the Life Education van and saw Harold the giraffe. The giraffe sang.


We went to the Life Education van. We sat down in the Life Education van. We saw Harold the giraffe. We got VIP stickers. After we went in the Life Education van we went out.


We went to the Life Education van. I saw Harold the giraffe. I saw the stars.

We went to the Life Education caravan. I liked it when Harold sang and I liked the doll too.



Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Swimming Lessons

On Monday we have a swimming session with Mrs. Blair and every Tuesday and Thursday we have special lessons in the school pool. We are very lucky to have three instructors in the water with us teaching us water confidence and new skills.


We have been learning how to work together to play maths games.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Here We All Are !

Here is Room 6 2014. We are a class of 19 at the moment but we are expecting one more pupil very soon. Our smiling faces will also be seen peering through the portholes of the yellow submarine in our classroom
We have had a great start so far and are really enjoying the chance to go swimming on
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.
We have library on Monday and will be visiting the Life Education Caravan this week and next.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Have You Seen Our Writing?

We have written descriptions of fire and what a fireman wears and these are all on our Firewise display at the back of the classroom. Please come and read them because we know we are getting better at our descriptive writing.

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Art Exhibition

Yesterday Room 6 went to the hall to see the Art Exhibition. When we went in we saw Room 9’s clowns. I saw my brother’s clown. Then we saw some boxes of cities. I saw the Sky Tower and I saw a man. He had a rope tied behind him. Then I saw a speedboat. The sea was dark blue. We saw some faces. Some were boy clowns and some were girl clowns. Then we saw some buzzy bees and some fishes in a bowl of water. They were all different colours of fishes. We saw some hats with flowers at the top. Then we saw our puppets. I saw my pink one. It had my name on it.


Yesterday Room 6 went to the hall to see the Art Gallery. There we saw some nice drawings. We saw buzzy bees and cities. They were very colourful. They had the Sky Tower in some of the pictures. We had to put our hands behind our back and we had to be quiet because it is in the hall. Next we saw the puppets, they had strings on top. Then we saw our feeling faces. We had to draw our faces on a piece of paper. Then we had to vivid the faces on a magazine and they were old. After that we saw the goldfish in a bowl. They had orange and white stripes.