Sunday, May 27, 2012

Disco Fever

On Friday night most of the class were at the disco. We all had made a real effort to dress up in our best clothes as well as in keeping with Zoo theme. It was really exciting to be at school when it was dark and we loved dancing together and waving around our Glow Sticks. When the disco came to the end we were hot from dancing so much, happy from being with our friends and tired at the end of another long week!

We Are Learning How To Play Hockey

On Thursday afternoons at 2.30 we get a chance to practise our hockey skills. We are lucky that we have experts from North Harbour Hockey to teach us what to do.

Completed Gingerbread Men

On Thursday we decorated our Gingerbread Men and then we put them into plastic bags ready to go home.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Today We Made Gingerbread Men!

Today we made gingerbread men. We were lucky to have Mrs. Kishimoto and Mrs R. P. to help us.
First we looked at all the ingredients that had to go in the bowl.
We put the butter into the bowl first.
Next we put in sugar which we measured out into a cup.
We all had a turn mixing it together.
When it was soft and creamy we broke an egg into it and mixed it some more.
After that we added 3 cups of flour and 2 teaspoons of ginger.
Next Mrs. Kishimoto and Mrs. R.P. rolled the mixture out on a board.
When it was the right thickness we all had a turn pushing the gingerbread cutter into the dough.
We made a lot of cute gingerbread men. We had a few extras in case they didn't all cook perfectly.
Mrs. Blair took them to the ovens in the staffroom and the technology room to cook.
They smelled delicious when she brought them back and we wanted to eat them then.
But we knew that it was better to wait until tomorrow when we can decorate them with currants, jellybeans and Pebbles. We can't wait!!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Certificates for working hard.

On Friday we hosted the Junior Assembly. We enjoyed talking into the microphone and sitting up the front on the steps. We were also proud of Teila and Henry who got certificates for the hard work they have been doing in Room 6

Sunday, May 13, 2012

We Love Basketball!

Last Tuesday we were so lucky to have a special basketball session in the hall. We are glad that Abbie's Dad arranged this for all the children at Sunnybrae.

Gingerbread Houses

Last week we enjoyed making Gingerbread Houses. We would love it if you came and looked at them hanging in the classroom. We think they look good enough to eat!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Whose Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Last week we re enacted the fairy tale of the Three Little Pigs. Here you can see Mikey as the Big Bad Wolf huffing and puffing to blow down little pig's house.