Sunday, July 7, 2013

Our Taniwha Puzzle - It's Big!!

As a conclusion to our study on water and in conjunction with Maori language week we made a jigsaw out of a taniwha.

Mrs Emerson made the jigsaw and gave us each a piece of the puzzle to colour in with pastels. We made sure we used hot and cold colours and we were careful to completely cover our puzzle piece with pastel.

The taniwha has webbed feet and it has spikes on his back and Maori tattoos. When he was asleep he was in a pond.

The taniwha has a big colourful body. It has a bit of curly lines on its back. It has sharp teeth like a tiger. It has a long curly curly colourful tail. It has sharp pointed feet. He lives in the precious pond. He looks very scary to kids. He has curly lines on his head.

The taniwha has eyes like a frog. It is a rainbow colour.

The taniwha has sharp claws and a fat tummy. It looks stripy and curly at the end of its tail. The taniwha has puzzle kind of stripes. It has a fire on its head.