Tuesday, September 18, 2012

We Loved Playing AFL

On Thursdays we have been doing AFL. We played with Room 5. We played Buddy and it was really fun. The people were called Sam and Dylan. We played Bounce the Ball. It was fun. Bounce the Ball is the best game. I like Bounce the Ball. You pick three buddies.

On Thursdays in the afternoon Room 6 and Room 5 play AFL. We play Dylan Says and when he blows his whistle you need to get the ball. I was Abbie’s buddy and I got the ball. My favourite warm up game is Flush the Toilet. I got to be a tagger. I got Isaac and Hiba with the rugby ball on the field. My best skill was the Rock. I threw it and Brianna was my buddy. We learnt it on the field.

On Thursday afternoon we played AFL. Room 6 and Room 5 played Octopus. Dylan said some stuff like if you brushed your teeth you run across. You should not get caught. We played Flush the Toilet. Some people have balls. The others have to run away. If they do they have to be a toilet. There’s also a game called Buddy. When I did it I was with Brianna. In one of them the person at the back has to run around the circle. When they are done they have to go back to their buddy. In all three of those games my favourite is Flush the Toilet. Sometimes we play on the senior court.